Training to Lead as an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurial leadership is the key to having a robust and forward-moving company, but where do you learn the skills you need for strong entrepreneurial leadership? LUX Whittier College, in collaboration with Babson College, brings you an entrepreneurial leadership development training program that teaches you the skills you need today and in the future to navigate uncertainty and solve problems of all kinds.

Learn Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills

Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding endeavor, but it is not a simple or easy path. While almost everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur embraces a good challenge, you need the right tools to meet the challenge.

The economic and commercial world is changing daily. This entrepreneurial leadership program teaches you how to solve problems more collaboratively. It teaches you to embrace the ambiguity that is the norm of today’s worldwide marketplace. Finally, it teaches how and when to take actions that will lead to growth and more opportunity.

Whether you are new, experienced, or coming up in the game, this program is perfect for mid-to-senior level professionals who want to develop a growth-oriented leadership style to take their business and career to the next level of success in today’s challenging environment.

What Is the Importance of Entrepreneurial Leadership?

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to entrepreneurial leadership. Innovation is essential in areas like talent recruitment and development, new product development and marketing, growing market share, and overall efficiency.

Without this, your company will grow stagnant, if it can maintain at all. As quickly as the landscape is changing, effective problem solving and innovation are keys to survival. They are also the keys to creating value, which in the end, is the only way to build a business that will be viable for the long term.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Training Program

In collaboration with Babson College, LUX Whittier College is offering an entrepreneurial leadership development training program on September 27 and 28, as well as additional dates in 2023.

The course is taught by Andrew Corbett, one of the world’s most cited entrepreneurship researchers. He has been published many times over and is also the chair of the Entrepreneurship Division at Babson College. Additionally, you will receive instruction from professor Wendy Murphy, who specializes in many aspects of careers, including mentoring, identity, and the work-life interface.

The program consists of two live online sessions. Expect to learn to enhance a growth-oriented leadership style, create a collaborative work environment, increase your impact, assess your leadership style, and understand what motivates you. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity, so register now.