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Professional Benefits of an Adobe After Effects Course

Adobe After Effects is an award-winning application that is used in many industries for editing motion graphics and digital visual effects. It is often used in the production process of videos, films, and games.

Do Professionals Use After Effects?

Industry professionals such as graphic design artists, video artists, and post-production technicians do use After Effects. It is even used in big-budget films and projects. However, it is just as often used by companies and social media influencers to edit graphics and videos for platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

What Job Can I Get with After Effects?

If you go on to earn an Adobe After Effects certification elsewhere, that can help you land jobs in graphic design and animation. It helps to demonstrate to prospective employers that you have a working knowledge of one of the most commonly used applications in the post-production of films, videos, games, and other digital media.

An Adobe After Effects certification can also help you to establish your own side business doing work as a graphic designer or graphic artist.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a complex application, and learning to use it correctly is actually a skill in itself. To learn from the beginning and teach yourself, finding all of the intricacies of the program could literally take years!

You can jump-start your knowledge of Adobe After Effects and learning how to start using the program with the LUX Whittier College Adobe After Effects One-Day Workshop. You will learn the basics and be able to begin navigating the program.

Is Adobe After Effects Good for Beginners?

You won’t want to jump feet first into this one if you are a beginner. It is far better to take an Adobe After Effects course outline rather than feel overwhelmed or frustrated with using it.

What Is the Best Way to Learn After Effects?

The best and easiest way to learn Adobe After Effects is with a course that is simple to understand and completely walks you through how everything works. Getting this type of education about Adobe After Effects will help you feel more confident using it as well as give you significantly better end results.

Start Learning Adobe After Effects

Enroll in LUX Whittier College’s Adobe After Effects One-Day Workshop to learn all about this amazing application. Sign up today to give yourself access to the next cutting-edge tool in graphic design.