Introduction to Excel is a beginner-level course for those that want to begin to understand how to use Excel to organize and analyze data.

This course will cover the basics of working with Excel spreadsheets, from understanding how to navigate worksheets to learning the basics of how to pivot data and run basic excel formulas. Businesses around the world point to Microsoft Excel as the top most sought-after skill in a new hire. Also, families and individuals that could use a little more organization in their lives can make use of basic Excel skills as well. The course will be taught on Zoom.

Next Class

July 22nd, 2023 at 6:00 pm.

Instructor: Tyler Greenup

Tyler Greenup is an Advisor for Data Analytics and Market Intelligence at Southern California Edison. Tyler specializes in creating scalable and automated data collection, storage, and reporting systems. Along with being a Whittier College Alum, Tyler also has expertise in using Microsoft Excel for data analytics that he has used to help others learn Excel and Data Analysis.