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Current and aspiring chemical professionals can take this course to brush up on their Spectroscopy skills. This course would also be great for those heading to graduate school after a hiatus.

This is a Zoom workshop that is part of our newly launched “Back to Basics” series of courses offered by LUX. Whittier College Professor Dr. Ralph Isovitsch leads this particular offering. The workshop will be made up of two lectures on Zoom, where students will brush up on their knowledge of Spectroscopy.

The interaction of light with matter is a powerful tool that can be utilized in numerous ways that range from elucidating the structure of molecules to assessing the concentration of toxins in the environment. This series of three meetings will reintroduce you to the physical phenomena that are the foundations of infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance, ultraviolet-visible, and fluorescence spectroscopies. Once the foundation is laid we will explore how these spectroscopic methods are used in real-world applications.


  • High-level lectures geared towards professionals and future professionals in the chemical industry.
  • Optimal class size for engaging with the learning materials, only 10 seats available.

Course Expectations

  • Come ready to learn and stretch your knowledge of chemistry.

Next Courses

March 2023

6 – 7 PM PST

Instructor: Dr. Ralph Isovitsch

Dr. Isovitsch has been a professor of Chemistry at the College since 2005, most of that time has been spent teaching organic chemistry, labs, and leading research teams of students.