The Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) course introduces fundamental concepts, principles, and techniques, covering everything individuals need to know in order to competently run a basic or mid-sized Pro Tools project.

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Whittier College, an Academic Avid Learning Partner, offers Avid Pro Tools courses required to earn Avid certification. All courses are held in-person and inside Whittier College’s state-of-the-art music studio.


Textbooks for Avid Pro Tools 101, along with the costs of two Avid certification tests, are included.
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Cesar Mejia is an L.A. based engineer and producer who has worked with Grammy Award-winning artists such as Herbie Hancock, Los Lobos, Brian Eno, Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, and Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine. Mejia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Arts and a Master of Arts in Technology-Based Education from California State University, Dominguez Hills. He has taught courses on music production, mixing and mastering, beginning and advanced audio engineering, music synthesis, and recording studio maintenance.

Offered on a rolling schedule, Pro Tools courses are limited to 10 people and provide a high level of individualized attention in Whittier College’s state-of-the-art music studio.

The Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) introduces fundamental concepts, principles, and techniques, covering everything individuals need to know in order to run a basic or mid-sized Pro Tools project competently. The course is run in person.

The class is designed for both new and experienced Pro Tools users. Students in the Pro Tools certification program will build a foundational understanding of the software while learning hands-on skills needed to build sessions designed for commercial purposes and improving the results of their recording, editing, and mixing efforts.

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Becoming an Avid Certified User of Pro Tools allows you to

  • Demonstrate your fundamental competency in digital audio editing and mixing with Avid Pro Tools
  • Provide measurable benefits to current and future employers
  • Differentiate yourself from peers
  • Make your résumé stand out and leverage the power of the Avid brand with downloadable Avid Certified User logos
  • Prove your credentials with a Certificate of Achievement
  • Gain recognition from employers and peers with Avid’s online Certified Professional listing

At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Create a Pro Tools session document or cloud-enabled project with appropriate parameter settings
  • Accomplish common audio production tasks
  • Employ navigation and editing skills in a multi-track Pro Tools document
  • Incorporate proper recording and mixing techniques for audio and MIDI files in the Pro Tools environment
  • Analyze and interpret session file structures
  • Recognize and navigate the user interface and toolset
  • Manage large track counts and multiple channels of simultaneous inputs and outputs
  • Create appropriate Pro Tools software and hardware settings
  • Select appropriate settings in the Playback Engine dialog
  • Set up and modify input/output (I/O) settings
  • Assess and integrate virtual instruments and specialized plugins for specific music
  • Utilize advanced recording techniques to capture multiple record takes in succession
  • Analyze Elastic Audio processors and methods to select appropriate options
  • Utilize Elastic Audio techniques MIDI Real-Time Properties to achieve the desired tempo and/or rhythmic effects and outcomes
  • Apply clip-based editing techniques to audio and MIDI tracks
  • Incorporate automated mixing techniques into a Pro Tools workflow for selective during a session post-production tasks automation
  • Be ready to sit the associated certification exams

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