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3 Ways Knowing How to Use Excel Can Help You

Microsoft Excel is excellent for professional and personal use, whether you’re looking to organize small private datasets or manage massive ones for an organization. Knowledge of Excel can even give you an advantage if you are in the market for a new job or promotion. Did you know that using Excel in your personal life can […]

A Personal Introduction to Genealogy

Genealogy can be a fascinating but intimidating subject. Finding your family history can offer a sense of connection and reveal ancestors you never knew you had. Everyone’s journey down their family tree is different, but there’s one question everyone has when they first start looking into their heritage: How do you get started? While there are […]

Professional Benefits of an Adobe After Effects Course

Adobe After Effects is an award-winning application that is used in many industries for editing motion graphics and digital visual effects. It is often used in the production process of videos, films, and games.  Do Professionals Use After Effects? Industry professionals such as graphic design artists, video artists, and post-production technicians do use After Effects. […]

3 Freelance Jobs that Use Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular graphic design tools used by professionals and in professional settings. The program has templates for design apps, creative cloud, and stock templates. It makes it easy to design web graphics for packaging as well as icons and logos, make and print paper handouts and flyers, and scale […]

3 Freelance Gigs that Use Adobe Photoshop Skills

Sure, you’ve seen the awesome graphics, images, and 3D artwork that can be made using Photoshop. However, you might have thought it was too complicated or too time-consuming to learn to do yourself. Of course, buying new software and assuming you could teach yourself would probably be a mistake. Odds are you would end up […]

Training to Lead as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial leadership is the key to having a robust and forward-moving company, but where do you learn the skills you need for strong entrepreneurial leadership? LUX Whittier College, in collaboration with Babson College, brings you an entrepreneurial leadership development training program that teaches you the skills you need today and in the future to navigate […]


Many people are working from home these days, including teachers and instructors at all levels. They are finding that teaching online courses can be pretty lucrative or can be a wonderful freelance or part-time job. Investing in oneself is well known to be one of the best investments that can be made. People want online […]

Make Learning Python for Data Science Easier

Learning a programming language sounds like it could be an overwhelming proposition, but it doesn’t have to be. LUX Whittier College courses make learning easy and accessible. As a programming language, Python ranks only behind JavaScript and HTML/CSS in popularity. It is often used for machine learning, data analysis, making apps, and creating games. Learning Python is […]


An Avid Pro Tools Certification is a great way to showcase your skills within your industry or on a resume. The certification shows your proficiency in using Avid Pro Tools. The coursework that you will take to become familiar with the Pro Tools 101 Exam questions and answers will also ensure you know all of […]


You can never overstate the importance of clear, concise writing in a professional or academic environment. Solid professional writing skills can give you an edge and set you apart from the crowd. If your writing skills are lacking or you haven’t used them in a while, it can show. While you might feel some embarrassment […]