3 Freelance Jobs that Use Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular graphic design tools used by professionals and in professional settings. The program has templates for design apps, creative cloud, and stock templates. It makes it easy to design web graphics for packaging as well as icons and logos, make and print paper handouts and flyers, and scale your work without losing quality.
While there are some how-tos, pretty simple templates, and some basic project ideas, these will only take you so far. Adobe Illustrator can do amazing things with graphics and design, but knowing the ins and outs of the program is necessary to take full advantage of it.

3 Jobs You Can Use Adobe Illustrator to Get

There are some jobs where your skills are greatly enhanced if you know how to use Adobe Illustrator. Then there are some jobs you can actually use Adobe Illustrator for almost exclusively.

These freelance jobs can increase your income without going to school for months or even weeks. A simple one-day course from LUX Whittier College can give you introductory knowledge and skills to start building toward your own side gig and earn some extra money.

Freelance Graphic Designer

A freelance graphic designer takes on individual projects and works on their own. This is a great job because you can set your schedule and work at your own pace. You can also make money through this kind of work, especially if you are good at it.

A graphic designer designs images and graphics for anything from logos to brochures to flyers and beyond. In some cases, you might be coming up with your own ideas, and in other cases, you may be bringing someone else’s idea to life.

Freelance Production Artist

A freelance production artist is similar to a freelance graphic designer in that this job allows you to have more freedom in your work (or even work remotely). You can also use this as a skill to make extra money in a part-time capacity while you work full-time elsewhere.

A production artist helps to produce the graphics that are a part of packaging, advertising, and digital graphics. This job generally pays around $20 an hour, depending on the market you live in and the types of work you decide to take on.

Adobe Illustrator Expert

An Adobe Illustrator expert usually works as a freelancer and sometimes works remotely. In this job, you generally advise others on using the program and complete tasks that require more in-depth understanding of Adobe Illustrator.

In many instances, the jobs you will take on may fall under the category of a graphic designer or a production artist. However, you may also spend a good amount of time assisting others. Additionally, you may be called upon to use the program for more complex jobs that can’t be completed with just a surface-level knowledge of how to use it.

Learn Adobe Illustrator

Whether you want to use Adobe Illustrator to become a freelancer or have a more desirable skill set, LUX’s Adobe Illustrator One-Day Workshop will teach you the foundational skills you need to know to get started with the program.

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