3 Freelance Gigs that Use Adobe Photoshop Skills

Sure, you’ve seen the awesome graphics, images, and 3D artwork that can be made using Photoshop. However, you might have thought it was too complicated or too time-consuming to learn to do yourself.

Of course, buying new software and assuming you could teach yourself would probably be a mistake. Odds are you would end up with some new software that never gets used and a major case of frustration in the process.

That is why LUX Whittier College offers great Adobe Photoshop one-day workshops like Adobe Photoshop I. It helps with all of the fundamentals of using the program, like formatting and image manipulation. In addition, their Adobe After Effects One-Day Workshop teaches motion design and 2D animation, plus lots more!

Adobe Photoshop skills can open the door to new opportunities, such as earning extra money as a freelancer.

Adobe Photoshop Career Opportunities: 3 Top Freelance Gigs

If you are considering learning or improving your Photoshop skills, there are many jobs out there that make use of them. These are the three common freelance gigs that can turn solid Photoshop skills into additional income.

Photo Editor

A photo editor is going to depend heavily on Photoshop skills. The important thing to understand is that you can do this job with little more than decent Photoshop skills. Even a beginner can advertise as a photo editor and land lucrative gigs.

It is possible to make good part-time money cleaning up wedding or event photos, adding loved ones to pictures they’ve missed out on, or even creating group photos that didn’t exist before.

Video Editor

Just like a photo editor, you can make money part-time doing video editing with Photoshop.

You can offer services to private people looking for better videos as keepsakes or for social media. You can even help with editing for companies who use lots of videos on social media or need a video for demonstrations or advertising.

Graphic Designer

Since solid Photoshop skills allow you to manipulate images and designs, you will be perfectly positioned to work as a graphic designer. These skills and a good eye for detail and artistic quality will make you sought after as a graphic designer.

Graphic designers are needed for everything from creating logos to helping make eye-catching advertisements, so the sky’s the limit for a good graphic designer when it comes to employment.

Photoshop Freelancer

If you’re ready to elevate your skills and what you can offer clients as a freelancer, consider signing up for a workshop at LUX Whittier College.